Honey's Candy
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Honey's Candy

Solid honey candies, a very healthy natural treat.

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Properties and benefits of pure honey candies:

Our candies are made entirely with pure caramelized pure honey.They soften the throat, soothe the discomforts and decongest the nostrils. In addition, they have balsamic action.


These solid pure honey candies are presented in bags of 100 grams. Each bag of candies contains approximately 30 candies

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0.20 kg
2020-05-05 12:31:57
Buenísimo todo!!!!lo recomiendo
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2017-10-07 22:59:44
Están buenos, tienen sabor suave
Regalos Gourmet Online Reply
Los caramelos macizos de miel pura además de lo que comentas, aporta muchos beneficios para la salud. Son deliciosos y sanos!
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